About Us

About Us


Liferay-Gen is an ACSoftware product

ACSoftware is a groundbreaking company that operates in the sphere of high value added services in the Information Communication Technology field. Loyal to our nature as a cutting-edge startup we dedicate a large part of our resources to the development of state of the art technologies. Technology is, in fact, our number one priority. We work with the most up to date innovations to simplify and speed up the work of others by sharing knowledge and expertise


Innovation / R&D

We dedicate a lot of resources and energy to the study of technological innovation to be used to improve products, create new ones, or improve processes We really like the Open Innovation approach to innovation whereby companies also rely on ideas, resources and technological skills that come from outside, in particular universities, research institutions, suppliers and consultants. We are inside the Bologna CNR Technopole, in a space of the Business Accelerator, close to all the players in the regional innovation ecosystem: large, medium and micro companies; start-up; Research Laboratories, Innovation Centers, Training Bodies, Clust-ER.

System Integration

We work closely with our customers, supporting them in the analysis and definition of the requirements, sharing the choice of the most suitable technologies based on the requirements collected


We have created specific training courses that facilitate the introduction of new digital technologies into the company, with dedicated modules: - Smart Technologies - Digital Transformation, - Project Management, - Creativity & Innovation, - Soft Skills and Specific notions