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Liferay Code Generator Professional License

€ 5.00 month

Liferay Code Generator Professional License

NEW WORKSPACE: Guided creation of a Liferay WorkSpace.

NEW SERVICE BUILDER: Wizard creation of the Service builder module

SERVICE BUILDER: Wizard creation of service.xml entities and code generation for CRUD methods in service classes. The task allows you to easily create standard entities in which, for example, the audit, finder and sorting fields are already present. Furthermore, there is the possibility to specify the localized fields and to insert in the model-hints the specifications for each attribute (validations, editor, etc.).

SERVICE BUILDER GENERATE CLASSES: Generation of the service module classes with the related CRUD methods.

GENERATE SEARCH CLASSES: Generate search classes for the selected entity using ElasticSearch and indexing with the ability to select the attributes of the entity to be indexed.

NEW MVC PORTLET: Creation of the web module and a portlet that can be hooked to service entities. The view pages are generated (with the search-container and the search implemented through Elastic Search with a toolbar module) and add / edit (with the form containing the inputs for the entity attributes and any relationships). You can create the panel-app and generate the configuration part of the portlet.

HELPDESK (EMAIL): We will reply you with an email within 24 hours following the report.