Increase Productivity

Our generator aims to increase developer productivity by directly intervening on the basic aspects of liferay development.

Setup workspace with choice of the version on which to develop

 "Attach" to an existing workspace Automatic creation of a docker compose that has it inside DB postgres already configured Liferay instance connected to the DB and appropriately configured.

Generated Code

Every Liferay developer is familiar with the fantastic tools provided by Liferay and which allow you to create complete applications, even at an enterprise level, with little effort.

But as developers, we also know the difficulties encountered in the development phase.

From today, (thanks to various curses, hundreds of coffees and sleepless nights spent by our stoic developers!). 

Core Generation is FREE

Basically, our generator does the repetitive (dirty) work and you will have more time to:

Develop other projects; Go to the gym (never say never!);

Playing Codename: foun it on Steam (they say it's fun!)

simply invoice faster (if you are a company or a freelance) or deliver your tasks sooner (if you are an employee, and maybe you get a nice productivity bonus!).


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