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Liferay-Gen is a code generator designed to make life easier for developers

What does it do?

Liferay-Gen does the dirty, repetitive work of every developer: it generates code automatically and constructs the whole necessary infrastructure: The Liferay Workspace, the Service Builder modules and the corresponding Liferay MVC portlet modules

What are the Advantages?

Liferay-Gen significantly reduces time spent typing letting you concentrate on other things or if you’re a freelancer, have more projects open at any given time

Liferay-Gen eliminates errors thanks to an interview style interface that guides you through the system in giving the necessary information to the generator

Liferay-Gen is a great tool for beginner developers that want to learn the basics of the wonderful world of Liferay

Liferay-Gen is Iterative so you can modify your structur however you want at any time

Liferay-Gen produces complete code, ready to be compiled and deployed

Liferay Code Generator - Plugin-tool


What are you waiting for? Try it now!

…if you’re still unsure watch these tutorials and see for yourself how much time you can save using Liferay-Gen!